PostMan lets your players authenticate their email address and lets admins to send new updates.

Released on Jan 26, 2021


The most modern drawit plugin to play and have fun with friends.

Released on Apr 17, 2021

BedWars1058 Anti Drop Addon

Bedwars1058 Addon which is not allow the players to drop the items in the void.

Released on Dec 3, 2020

BedWars1058 Compass Addon

BedWars1058 compass add-on that allows players to use team tracker and quick communications

Released on Apr 20, 2021

BedWars1058 Sponge Addon

BedWars1058 add-on that adds an effect when placing a sponge.

Released on Jun 22, 2021

BedWars1058 Private Games Addon

11 in-built game modifiers. Create Bed Wars private games and play with friends or party members

Released on Oct 21, 2021

BedWars1058 Cosmetics Addon

300+ In-built cosmetics, custom cosmetics, custom rarities, multifunctional, packet-based and more.

Released on Apr 20, 2022


ThePit is a mini-game where you have to fight for items, permanent upgrades, perk and so on! Jump in the pit and kill players for XP and Coins to level up, buy more perks, items, you name it.

Released on Sep 4, 2018